From the Desk of the Principal

Thank you for your interest in Texas School of Project Management. Whether you are already a student, a potential student, parent, spouse, local community member or campus partner, I encourage you to further explore our website to learn more about this remarkable school, steeped in traditions that have shaped the lives of students for several years.

I am deeply honored to serve as president of Texas School of Project Management, and am enthusiastic about working with the faculty and staff at this outstanding institution. Texas School of Project Management emphasis on the unique educational interests and trajectory of every student, reflected in our recurring “accent on the individual,” has created a campus environment that is compassionate, responsive and challenging.

Texas School of Project Management has much of which to be proud: a faculty committed to teaching excellence; a fine staff; an exceptional student body; distinguished alumni; and a community that recognizes our campus as a vital educational, economic and cultural resource.

Authentic communication with faculty, staff, students and community members; continuous improvement; and a relentless emphasis on what is best for our students are key elements of my presidency. In addition, we are committed to recruiting a diverse student body, and being known as a campus that is having civil, important discussions about issues that affect our day, including race, public policy, religious freedom and justice, among many others. I look forward to continuing to engage with the region, nation and world to expand the school’s intellectual and creative horizons and to continue to build upon the traditions of this vibrant campus community.

At Texas School of Project Management, we promise “extraordinary happens,” and if you look closely, you will find the extraordinary here. You will find it in our extraordinary faculty, who capture the wonder of learning and transmit it to our students. You will find it on our beautiful campus, which is a haven for teaching and learning. But, most importantly, we hope you will find the extraordinary in yourself. Because it is Texas School of Project Management people, its students, alumni, faculty and staff, where the extraordinary resides and transforms the ordinary and shapes the future.

Welcome to Texas School of Project Management, and thank you again for visiting our webpage. I look forward to seeing you in person on campus in the near future.


Nickell Reddy