Center for Executive and Professional Education

Knowledge that drives performance is the cornerstone of all great business. The Texas School of Project Management, Center for Executive and Professional Education provides public classes, custom in-house programs and the best in online business and technology training. Participants are immersed in relevant learning and practical skills to produce results now and drive future performance.

At a Glance

The Center for Executive and Professional Education (CEPE) has a huge alumni base. As part of Texas School of Project Management, CEPE has developed in response to the needs of the local business community for superior continuing education programs. We are proud to provide career training from industry-leading specialists, offering quality resources to help working professionals advance in a competitive landscape.

CEPE courses cater to working professionals who are looking to take their careers to the next level, or transition into a new industry or role. Learning alongside other degreed professionals, students gain timely information and have networking opportunities in numerous fields of interest.

CEPE offers short-term advanced programs on a convenient schedule or, for some courses, fully online. The certificate programs and individual courses provide a practical and flexible alternative to the larger investment of a master's degree or MBA. Strategic and tactical skills are developed that students can take from the classroom and apply directly to their careers.

What CEPE has to offer:

  • Relevant, state-of-the-art education
  • Industry specialists teaching the courses and developing real world curriculum
  • Comprehensive training applicable to the region's industries
  • Short-term certificate programs with specified areas of study
  • Convenient and affordable courses for the working professional
  • Fully customized programs designed specifically for executives

CEPE ensures that the programs provide immediate career impact to students with real-time results. Working professionals and organizations alike benefit from the continuing education they need to reach their professional goals.

Courses can be taken individually or applied to a certificate within a three year time limit. Our courses and certificates are continuously updated to give students the most current and progressive information, tools, and perspectives. Courses completed outside of the three-year limit will need to be retaken to qualify for certificate completion.

Foster the growth of your current and emerging leaders and your entire organization by developing a custom program that will address the specific challenges you and your organization are facing in today's marketplace. Texas School of Project Management collaborates with a limited number of organizations to design effective leadership development opportunities.

Please note that our custom programs are offered for organizations only. If you are an individual professional aiming to further develop your career, knowledge, and skills, please find your ideal program by visiting our program finder.

What is a Custom Program?

Our custom programs are educational programs designed for whole teams and organizations to address specific areas. We believe there is no perfect "off the shelf" solution to your organization’s challenges and opportunities. Our custom-designed programs allow for the best possible solution—tailor-made for your people and your mission.

Our process for developing a custom program is highly collaborative. We integrate our research, knowledge, and experience with the unique challenges and goals your organization faces to design and deliver a 100-percent customized program. Our driving goal is to provide your team with advanced skills and knowledge to help your organization succeed. You choose the topics for the curriculum, select the program length, and define the location. Our world-class faculty is tightly integrated into the design process, providing our clients with a seamless transition from concept to program delivery. Through a parallel improvement in people and processes, using knowledge applications, exemplary design processes and world-class faculty, we foster positive change in your organization.

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