Robin Chase, Zipcar and an Inconvenient Discovery

The documents serves as an introduction to students to evaluate a leader’s strengths and weaknesses.

Project Risk Management in Automotive Industry

The case analyzes the current project risk management procedure followed by the Spanish Business Unit of an automotive multinational company, which manufactures steering wheels and airbag modules. Taking into account the PMI standard, different changes are established in the current procedure for the purpose of defining and implementing a project risk management procedure more useful and efficient.

Case study: BP and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster of 2010

The case study aims to engage students in what it means to act ethically in today’s business world; understand that decisions are strongly influenced by broader factors such as culture, organizational design, and decision makers’ values; and think critically about ethical dilemmas and how to voice their values in response to those dilemmas.

Leadership case study: Chris Peterson at DSS Consulting

This case study illustrates the importance of leaders developing teams that have connections to groups, both inside and outside the organization; and highlights the importance of a leader working to ensure a team’s efforts are aligned with an organization’s strategy.

Turnaround and Transformation Leadership and Risk

This case study demonstrates how an organization, with the right leadership, can effect change with little or no power. The document focuses on how leadership can make an impact on the organisation and strategy. Leadership characteristics are utmost important.